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Dispassionate Discourse: Examining Racial Disparities
WHITESPACE GALLERY, Piedmont Leaf Lofts, 401 E. Fourth St., Suite 202:

January 11 through February 28, 2008
"Dispassionate Discourse: Examining Racial Disparities"
works that look at how one's race can affect education, health and more.

When? - Jan 11 through Feb 28 2008
Where? - Whitespace gallery
Piedmont Leaf Lofts, 401 E. Fourth St, Suite 202, WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA, 27101
Who do I contact? (336) 722-4671

Anatoly Kudravcev - Kemeshes was born in 1958 in St'Petersburg, Russia.
He graduated from the Academy of Art (Repin Insitute) in 1985,
where he earned a Doctor of Arts degree in 1996.
His creations have been exhibited in Russia,
Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Germany and USA.
Collectors from all over Europe and USA have discovered his work

"A picture gives an opportunity for one person to communicate his thoughts to other people… to show something which is impossible to convey by any other language" - Kudravcev
Some of his works exemplify Soviet Russia dissident art.
"Masquerade" was confiscated by Soviet Officials in 1985.

Kudravcev's favorite mediums are pastels, Indian Ink, tempera, and gouache.
The artist currently lives in St'Petersburg, Russia.